About GCPy

GCPy is a Python-based toolkit containing useful functions for working specifically with the GEOS-Chem model of atmospheric chemistry and composition.

GCPy aims to build on the well-established scientific Python technical stack, leveraging tools like cartopy and xarray to simplify the task of working with model output and performing atmospheric chemistry analyses.

What GCPy was intended to do

  1. Produce plots and tables from GEOS-Chem output using simple function calls.

  2. Generate the standard evaluation plots and tables from GEOS-Chem benchmark output.

  3. Obtain GEOS-Chem’s horizontal/vertical grid information.

  4. Implement GCHP-specific regridding functionalities (e.g. cubed-sphere to lat-lon regridding).

  5. Provide example scripts for creating specific types of plots or analysis from GEOS-Chem output.

What GCPY was not intended to do

  1. General NetCDF file modification: (crop a domain, extract some variables):

  2. Statistical analysis:

  3. Machine Learning: