Contribute to GCPyΒΆ

We welcome new code additions to GCPy in the form of pull requests. If you have an example you would like to add to this ReadTheDocs site, you can add it to the examples folder in the GCPy repository and submit a pull request with this added file. If you would like to suggest changes to the documentation on this site, you can do so by describing your changes in a Github issue or by directly editing the source ReST files included in the GCPy repository and submitting a pull request with your changes.

We do not currently have an automated testing pipeline operational for GCPy. We ask that you test any changes by plotting / tabling relevant diagnostics using the plotting scripts included in the benchmark folder of the repository, then verifying your results against the results of the same script using an unchanged version of GCPy. Any further testing before finalizing your pull request is greatly appreciated.